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Men: The Glory of God

My heart breaks when I see a man struggle. I have seen men addicted to cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and alcohol. I have seen men depressed and unable to speak worthiness to their soul. I have seem beaten men; physically and spiritually. It breaks my heart. This was not God’s original plan for man. He wanted to embrace manhood, God truly placed man on earth to lord over all things; to have self dominion. He wanted man to rule. Originally, God gave man worth, value, and much much dignity; He designed man in His own image. However…. Man’s dignity has been dragged across the floor by Satan. He has spoken words […]

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Abba Father

Growing up I didn’t have my dad. He and my mom separated when I was about three. The faint memories I have of my dad include a tender, loving man. I remember he used to take my sister and me to a cute, little store—there, he bought us Carlos Quinto Chocolate, to this day it remains my favorite chocolate. After purchasing our favorite treats, he would take us to the train tracks by a valley of evergreen hills. There we waited for the train to come. I remember feeling excited and very happy. My dad held me in his right arm and my sister in his left. He was tall […]

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If you walked the path that many young, black boys have walked, where would you be? Many young black men walk in the dark streets of Southside Chicago, afraid, fatherless and without a role model to follow. A great sum of them are consumed in street violence and substance abuse. They do not dare dream of a different life, a more peaceful one, full of joy—they do not have the capacity to imagine such a life because they are surrounded by death. Photograph by: Ana Barajas Not far from these young men, however, some not only dream it, but seek opportunities to get out of the ghetto. They probably pray day […]

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New Year Resolution

I know, your new year resolution is to lose weight and make more money right? That’s good, but I really hope that’s not all you are hoping for. I pray that your greatest resolution for this new year I s to obtain yours and your family’s salvation. God promises that if you seek the Kingdom of God first all else will be added onto your life (Matthew 6:33). After you have obtained salvation from the Lord by submitting your will to His and by believing in Him by being obedient to His perfect will, then pray for your family members and pray so He gives you the vision and plans […]

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Building Trust Between the Police and the People: A Community Initiative

Lately, police-community relationships have been deteriorating and racial propaganda has further deconstructed the trust between the police and the community across our nation, which is horrific because these relationships are necessary. Why is it necessary to rebuilt trust between the people and the police? It is important because we need strong communities and without these relationships, tension builds between the two parties causing unsafe communities. When crimes occur and the people do not trust the local police, people are less likely to cooperate in solving a crime, thus allowing for more crime to develop in that community. How do we eliminate mistrust between the community and the local police? Chaplain […]

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