Edgar Misterio’s Return to Christ: Our Conversation

It’s Nov. 1st, 2017; 10:41 AM, I wish Edgar Misterio a Happy Birthday:


He replies:

☺ Thanks Ana.

To which I respond with an aching heart knowing that he has always been a leader but is not serving God. Not knowing what the Holy Spirit is about to cause through me, I tell him:

No problem. I think you have a calling from God to serve Him. Why don’t you?

I expect him to reply right away maybe with disbelief, but he doesn’t.

It’s now Nov. 2, 2017 at 11:23 PM. As I am entering my home from a long, well spent night at The Irving Effect (T.I.E) Movement Inauguration Night (read about it here), my iPhone dings. It’s Edgar! His first message overwhelms me, I think to myself, “What have I done?”:

Your question really destroyed my life!………………..

Thereafter, he proceeds to bombard my phone before I get the chance to process what is going on or to even reply to the first message. He continues:

I was so stuck. So lost. But, I couldn’t stop asking myself the same question…..

Why don’t I?


You have to know.

Your words penetrated my soul.

Your question shook my whole being apart.

I remind him of the day he told me my worth and purpose in Christ, “I remember the first time I ever heard I am a princess and worthy of love. You told me when I met you and I never forgot. Since I was 18 years old I have not been with a man because I am waiting on God’s best. See how your words penetrated my soul.” To this he replies:

I feel like I showed you the way. I got lost Ana. And not one person cared. I don’t know what happened. I was so confused. I don’t know why you would even care, but, you did. And I couldn’t stop asking myself the SAME thing. So, I gave in. I could not resist my calling any longer. I prayed. When I did, I found myself.

My heart is now pumping boiling blood. I ask myself, “Did I just cause a conversion?”:

I don’t know where I went, but you had soo much to do with me finding me, in Christ. I guess God knew. I showed you The Way. Now, you come to rescue me from my misery. I don’t know what happened; I just became angry because I could not answer, ‘why am I not serving God?’.

So, I say to him with such joy, “I’ll go. I’ll go pray with you.” I embrace him with words of encouragement, “I believe in the power of prayer! God wants to use you! Let Him. I care about you because you are my brother.” To that he responds:

Just know Ana. Your question really became a dagger to my heart; without understanding why, I was never gonna feel free from all this bondage, from all these distractions.

I agree with him, “Amen! Amen! Amen! You will never be free until you serve Him!” I remind him that God can break any satanic bonds. Therefore, he blesses me with a beautiful embrace:

I will always pray for you. Always! God bless you always, Ana. Your calling in God is very important. You aided me. Your words made me feel so lost. What a horrible feeling! But, after praying I knew. It’s the Holy Spirit! Then, I knew who I am. What I was made to be.

I proceed to ask him, “Who are you? Why did God create you?” I want to know if he really knows. This is how firmly he answers:

I will be the most powerful evangelist. I will be the most repentant, the most forgiven for my deepest darkness. I’m the one who came out of this evil. I came out of the miserable hunger the streets crave. I am a son of God! I have suffered so much. But, I know why I’m here.

I will. I must. Just wait.

All day I’ve been writing the most powerful message ever heard.

I am the worst of men, but this is exactly why I will take back all those souls from Satan’s claws. I will show them the way. No one knows, but the key is faith in Christ alone; to allow Him to take you, and just be in Him. I’m so happy I know you, Ana.

Just know. Man. Ana. You have no idea what you’ve done! I want you to know. I thank God so much you serve Him. You have created a spark within me that will make this whole world shake. God says so!

I praise God and think to myself, “Wow! This is deep Theology for a man who just returned to Christ.” I encourage him to use his music (click here to hear a piece) for the glory of God! And I ask him to let me go and pray for him. Edgar says:

We will pray together! We will! And it will be powerful!

We also make plans to go to the church where he took me the day Christ sealed me; the same church where he got lost. He said about going to this church:

Maybe, [standing in front of Him], He will see what we have become.

I tell Edgar, “😁 Wow! That’s beautiful! I’m down. Amen! He sees us now. You have no idea how hungry I am for Christ! So hungry for Him!” Edgar sealed the conversation with:

Nice. Then Sunday, Ana. Call me when you’re on your way, please. I’ve been starving for years. We are going to get filled of His presence! I know it! Thank you, Ana. This means the whole world to me. This is a powerful thing. I know it. I feel it. See you then.

With such excitement I reply, “Amen!!! I am expecting that! I’ll call you Sunday then. It is powerful! I feel it too! I’m excited to go back to this church. See u then.”

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