You Arrived

I stood in the fire, but I didn’t get burned.
This angered me because I wanted my body to become ashes.
Why not?
My soul was already burning in hell,
And my spirit was scattered by the hurried winds.


I stood in the middle of the grave wearing my bloody stained white robe.
I was crying but I didn’t take notice because of the depths of the pain.
A demon stripped away my innocence.
He should have buried me.


I was drowning in agonizing thoughts.
I ran barefoot through the night of the forest.
My feet were bruised and cut opened by the glass on the ground.
I was running from myself,
I was running into the endless night.


Punctually, as I was about run over a cliff,
The essence of love spoke to me,
He gently whispered, “Why are you still running?
Have you not noticed I have been chasing after you?”


There you took me into your very heart.
You took the anguish and gave me hope.


You washed my bruised body with lavender and myrrh.
You exchanged my ruined bloody garments for a golden dress.
You brushed my uncombed hair and brightened it.
You wiped my face and illuminated it with the sun.
You bandaged my feet but left them bare.
You said, “So that you don’t forget where I took you from.
In the future, I will complete your attire.”
And then you crowned me with jewels and a kiss.


You took me by the hand and guided me out of the fallen garden.
You placed me by The Vine near calm rivers and constructed boundaries around me.
These were not to bind me, but to protect my heart.


I slept underneath the warmth of the sun.
Some time had gone by,
You woke me up.
I was well rested because you renewed by strength.
Now, I was to go back into the fallen garden and into the depths of the forest.
You assured me not to worry because I was crowned and sealed.
My heart was stilled and I submitted unto You.
You reminded me, “Cleaning up broken glass sometimes cuts you, but I am The Healer.
They need to hear what I have done for you. Tell them I can do the same for them.
Abide in my Words and I will remain in you. Abide in my love and you will return with much fruit.”


You sent me in with your Spirit while I clung on to your Word.


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