That they May Know the Lord

After the church service my son and I stopped to eat to a nearby restaurant in Rogers Park. Outside of the restaurant on the sidewalk sat a homeless man. I observed him through the large, clear widow as I chatted with my boy; his blue sweeter was torn and his shoes had holes. I told Nico to look over at the man. He asked, “Are we going to help him?” Sure enough, we bought some food for him. We left the restaurant and approached the man. We asked him if we could sit next to him. Without a care in the world He said yes. The man was shaking and he spoke with a soft voice. I could tell he was once very handsome, but now he was of old age, maybe in his 70’s or 80’s.

When my son gave the old man the meal his ocean blue eyes were shocked open. He was so amazed he did not know what to do. The old man froze up. He finally reached for the meal and told my son that he was blessed because he was a young man of respect. The man said that there aren’t many people who know respect today. What he meant is that many people today do not understand the concept of human dignity, thus they ignore the homeless.

My son asked him if we could pray for him, but he hesitated and resisted. He said that God did not create the universe, but the universe itself is God. He stated, “There is no creator, just life.” My son was confused by his statement because he had never heard of such a concept before. I later explained to him that the man’s philosophy must have developed during his younger years in the 60’s or 70’s when the hippies believed in peace, love, and freedom, but their perspective was corrupted; and their concept of God was as the old man stated.

Furthermore, I insisted that we pray for the old man. He finally agreed. We prayed that he may know the Lord and His true love. He seemed satisfied with our prayer and continue to enjoy his meal as we said good-bye. My son said he would pray for him every time he thought about him. I still have not forgotten him.

But when you give a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind….

Luke 14:13

That they may Know the LORD and the Fullness of His Love.

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