You Alone

imageAnd with everything You have given me, I have nothing.
To all of the places You have taken me, I’ve been nowhere.
And with everything You have shown me, I know nothing.
All of the beauty in the mirror is nothing.
And all of my innerself is non-existing.
I am nothing, but a soul seeking a place to rest.
I am nothing without You guiding me.

I cannot see.

My vision is not clear if I do not see You.
I am lost without You;
in an everlasting forest without veggitation.
And all of Your words mean nothing, if You yourself have not entered in me.
Any wisdom is nothing.
Any love given to me by others, is nothing.
If You are absent nothing means anything.

Christ, You are more than what I know.
You are more than what I can feel or understand.
The reality is: I need and want You!
You and not ur blessing nor what You can give.


Because in much wisdom there is much grief, and increasing knowlegde results in increasing pain. Ecc 1:18

Hosea—the only man (I believe) was the only human being who understood true love, Your Love (the type of love Paul describes to the Corinthians)—was a man capable of loving twice as much. He had just enough love to cover his wife’s sins. I wonder what that looks like—feels like—what sight should I be looking at for such a revelation? Even these observations, these questions are nothing without My King to answer them.

With everything revealed before me, I must return to the begining of wisdom.
You are my very basic understanding.
I want no wisdom if in the end I must remain as Salomon.
I have heard, “ignorance is bliss,” it surely must be.

I am dying as I die.

You are the only essence within me, the only essence of breath and life.
You give me life.

And You are peace.
You are the peace I sought since my infancy.
You are the peace I did not know I desperately wanted.
You are the peace the world cannot give!

My soul has finally found rest.
I rest in You alone.
You are my Amen.

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