A Moment with The Girls of the Spa

Sometimes things aren’t what they seem. We often think that a woman who is being trafficked for sex constantly experiences physical abuse. And although I am positive an element of violence is present in all forms of sexual abuse, when I am in the presence of the women working to serve the Johns in their spa, I witness affection that confuses me.

Photograph by: Ana Barajas

Photograph by: Ana Barajas

It seems to me that these particular Johns—their sex clients of today—are VIP clients because of the way the ladies treat them, in a very familiar manner. I can observe them hug these men as they welcome them into the spa. They spend about five minutes making them feel welcomed and then they return to the far back little room from where I am observing them. I watch them through the camera recorder system they have set up. This little room is where the ladies take me to work with them one-on-one.

Today, the ma aged of the spa rushed me out in a very loving and kind of gentle way. She said, “today, very busy. Thank you. You always come. Thank you. Please come back next week. Today, very busy,” as she hands me a bottle of water and grabs my arm walking me to the door. But, before I leave, I give them each a hug and I thank them for their time. I also tell them that I will see them next week. The smiles on their faces are warm and full of gratitude.

I left that place with the image of the girls hugging these men knowing that in a few minutes they would be giving them their most sacred possession, their bodies. I also left in great confusion because I don’t understand that image on my mind, while feeling the love of God lavishly pored on us.

Father, I want to understand. But, while I do. I am here, doing your will.

I write this to help me process these events and to make you aware of Satan’s works.

Disclaimer: HIEROES Organization is not affiliated in preventing sex trafficking in any way. It only serves as a tool, through the art of writing, to let you know what Christ is doing in the Chicagoland area.

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