If I Were Him

If I were him I would acknowledge God as my Lord and then I would become a man of honor.
If I were him I would become brave by allowing myself to fall in love.
If I were him I would strengthen my heart in God in order to fight for her.
I would climb high mountains just to touch her essence.
If I were him I would swim across wide oceans to show her that I am worthy of her.
If I were him I would conquer her heart by giving her my undivided attention.
I’d look into her soul.
I’d know her deepest thoughts.
If I were him I would request her of the Lord.

Photograph by: Ana Barajas

Photograph by: Ana Barajas

If I were him…….

But, since I am me and not him,
I sit on the Rock wearing my golden dress.
I sit next to the flowing river near those mountains.
I am a woman who knows her place.
So, I wait.
I wait patiently for that man to take his place and honor God.
I wait for him to become brave enough to love me well,
To fight for me ceaselessly,
To swim across wide oceans for me,
I wait on him to conquer my heart the way armies conquer cities.
I wait by the flowing river for the man that relentlessly prays for me.

While I wait,
I acknowledge God as my Lord and He is my honor.
I become brave enough to love those who hate me.
I strengthen my heart in the Lord to fight for the oppressed.
I climb high mountains to reach the lost.
I swim across wide oceans just to show them the heart of Christ.
As I wait I am on a quest to conquer souls for the Almighty King.
While I wait I pray to the Lord for His people and for that brave man.

Dare to know Christ.

Dare to fall in love.

Dare to live a life full of adventure in Christ Jesus.

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