I Have a Void

I have a void.

I have a hole in the middle of my chest that slowly creeps across my body consuming it with utter darkness.

I have a void.

Although, I’ve filled myself with temporary pleasures,
I’ve found nothing to be satisfying.

I have a void.

I have dwelled among the spiritually crippled and among the spiritually rich; yet,
I still have this consuming void.

I remember the little girl cocooned in fear and rejection.

Art Work by: Ana Barajas

Wall Art Work by: Ana Barajas

I feel loved and completely,
completely accepted by the body of Christ.
But, I still have this consuming void.

I have been loved by the man of my desires and I have loved too.
What a beautiful embrace!
What a blessing.

But, I can’t ignore this echoing space,
these drowning oceans in my chest.
I am gasping for air—
just enough to breath. One. More. Second.

I have a void.

Only a consuming fire can satisfy this growing hole in my chest.
So, I haste to my secret place,
to the sweet, sweet presence of my LORD.

My consuming fire.
He is my satisfaction.

I pray:
come Lord Jesus.

My Christ,
wrap me in your arms,
wrap me in your abundant, eternal love.

[Father], satisfy us each morning with your unfailing love, so we may sing for joy to the end of our lives.

Psalm 90:14


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