Fill Me

You wanted my heart.
You wanted the throne of my heart.
You wanted to be the only one that moved my desires and my dreams.

So, I got rid of my idols.
Even though I wanted to run into their arms,
I did not!

Photograph by: Ana Barajas

Photograph by: Ana Barajas

I tore down the altars.
I shattered them against the walls.

There aren’t any remains.
But, I still feel empty.

Can you please fill me with your love?
Write your name……..seal me with your abundant love, that I may dwell in your abundant love.

There is nothing else.
There is no one else.
You are My God forever.

I need to be filled with Your love.
I don’t want to run back to those idols. Hear me!

I do not want to run back to those idols. Thus, please,
make Your abundant love available to me upon sunrise.
Upon sunrise fill me with your unfailing love.

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