I am Still Here


I want to be a righteous woman.
I want to be called Your daughter.
I want to please You,
and cause You to be proud of calling me,
“My child.”

I desire Your ways.

I truly delight in Your Law.
I worship You.

You have written Your Word on the tablet of my heart.
It is written,
rooted deep within.


The light has deemed.

I am gasping for air.
I am trying to breath.
The pain came and I became discouraged.

I’m not saying I am Doubting,
I could never,
You are True and Faithful.
I just need to see Your hand,
Your light once again.

I need to see You, Faithful One.

I am tempted by wine.
It seems to be somewhat appetizing.
But, Your love is sweet.
And I don’t want to provoke it to anger.

So……many……..years, so many steps……….walking and running towards……., yet,
I see……….I have not moved forward.
I am. Still here.

I hate my surroundings!
I hate this dark whole!

Why do You insist on keeping me here?

What is Your plan?
Morning by morning……what is your plan?
What are You doing?
Where is the sun?
How many more operations must I under go to finally be released?

Why do You insist on keeping me here?

What do You want me to learn?

I am………


I am not doubting,
You are the King.
But, my patience has weakened.

I need to see Your power once again.
Show me that Your hand is still upon me.
Please hold me tight, next to Your heart.
Show me You love me.

I’m sold out………I am Yours.

Do wonderful and marvelous things with me,
because Great are You Lord.

“I have not departed from the command of His lips; I have treasured the words of His mouth more than my necessary food.”

Job 23:12

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