In Her Father’s House

There was a beautiful young woman sitting in front of a mirror observing herself. The mirror was framed with gold. As she looked at her reflection in the mirror she smiled, her lips were soft and pink. She brushed her long, bright, and dark hair. Her soul grew with joy at each stroke and her dark hair shimmered; its light was bright like the sun. She wore a spotless white dress. It was so long it hid her bear feet.

A gentle voice called her name. It came from the garden right outside her bedroom window, “Grace, Grace.” Grace ran to the window and out there, she saw a fruitful garden with bright colors and green, green grass. The oder of the lilies and the roses penetrated the atmosphere. But, to her surprise she also saw a sea of men. They were all dressed in white.

Photograph by: Ana Barajas

Photograph by: Ana Barajas

Grace thought to herself, “who are these men who think they have the right to come and claim my hand?” She ran through her bedroom door, down the corridor, to the stairs. She ran down to the living room and out the terrace to the garden.

As she moved through the palace she saw jewels and treasures all around. Grace grew conscientious that this was her Father’s house. Each step she took on her way to the garden, Grace heard the voices. She saw a glimpse of the men who appeared to have great joy. Grace felt peace and joy all around in her Father’s house.

As soon as she stepped into the middle of the garden the men began to approach her. They had traveled from afar, their cultures differed, and they were from a variety of social statues, educational backgrounds, and character traits. They were all handsome and well mannered. The men appeared eloquent. Some rushed to speak to her. But, they were full of lies and deceitfulness. The closer the men got to her, the greater the lies became. Grace knew, however, that they did not speak truth. She ran with haste back into her Father’s home. She sought His covering for protection. As soon as Grace ran through the entrance, she woke up.

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