He is Sealed by The Lord

I trust you Lord. You will bring into my life my future husband. Although, I do not know who he will be, I do know his character. I know his character because I know your heart for my life. Lord, you want the best for me, thus you have the best for me. I am your daughter, your warrior princess. You have sealed me with your seal, thus he must be sealed as well.

He is a man with a Christ like character. He walks filled of your Spirit. He is humble, brave, kind, loving, and compassionate. He is strong, fear does not conquer him. He is a man of God. He is someone who fights for what he wants, he fights for the promises you have given to him. He is pure because he purifies himself in the Lord. He is watchful of his heart, mind, body, and soul. He aligns and submits his entire being to your word. Amen!

He seeks your Kingdom far beyond rubies and gold. He is patient with me and in his arms I find strength because he is a man of prayer. He is a prayer warrior! He knows you are the fountain, thus he dwells in the Tabernacle, in the Holy of Holies.


I can trust my heart into his hands because he is the man that you have chosen for me. You approved him. You have declared him worthy of my heart. Thus, you have ordained him as my husband. I can trust my body into his arms because he loves my soul. He loves my mind. My body is the temple of the almighty, this he knows well, thus, he protects it with his life.

He leads me and others into your presence. When he speaks your word everyone trembles with fear for the Lord. You have placed a double edged sword on his lips.

He loves your name and your word. He obeys it. Amen!

Even though many say he does not exist, I will continue to wait. The worst that can happen is I end up in the presence of the Lord, which is not bad at all. And although my surroundings are dark, the light lives in me. I can rest about my future because I can trust your word. I can trust you.

Sister, wait upon the Lord for He is Faithful.



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