Kingdom Colonizers

While some people fail to answer the calling of God, others have not only answered it, but strive night and day to over come the struggles in the mist of building the ministry the Lord has entrusting to them.

Picture taken after a visit to the hospital.

Picture taken after a visit to the hospital.

Early this year the Lord introduced me to a wonderful ministry and its founders. The ministry is called Kingdom Colonizers. Its founders include Noah Patrice Bessala a Cameroonian pastor and his wife Annabelle Panaligan. Also, Jose Bengonoavomo an Equatorial Guine and his wife Jores Bengonoavomo. Lastly, Yuri Suller and her son Marco Suller. Together, they have answered God’s calling since 2011 when they began doing mission work in many areas in the continent of Asia including the Philippines. Later, they established Kingdom Colonizers in October 2015.

Kingdom Colonizers is located in Laguna, Philippines, a safe, but a spiritually dead place.

Children's Ministry: learning about Jesus.

Children’s Ministry: learning about Jesus.

The main focus of Kingdom Colonizers is to save souls. The team reaches out to the lost by evangelizing house-to-house and door-to-door in its surrounding areas. Annabelle Panaligan so passionately stated, “[we want] to show them the love of Christ. We want to reach every home and introduce Jesus to people, to strengthen every family.” Their mission also includes to make disciples out of youth by training them in the Word of God and with a mind set for missions. They set up meeting times to speak with high school and college students about Jesus, so far, young people are responding. Mrs. Panaligan dearly said, “we want to set fire in the hearts of the youth.” Furthermore, Kingdom Colonizers are educating little children to love and follow Jesus Christ. Lastly, they feed families when they evangelize door-to-door because it is the way to grab people’s attention and to show them Christ’s mercy and love.

Building a home for a homeless man.

Building a home for a homeless man.

Kingdom Colonizers are a traveling ministry, thus, they are able to reach many people, cities, and places. Since their establishment, they have reached eight (8) towns and cities. I was impressed to hear these many towns have been reached in such short time, but to Mrs. Panaligan, these are not nearly enough people or cities. In one mission alone—a two week long program—they reach up to 2,000 people; however, they can reach more than 2,000 people in one month if they stay on-the-go, with the support of the body of Christ.

The roads they walk to reach souls.

One of the many roads they walk on.

During their door-to-door evangelizing, Kingdom Colonizers bless the people they encounter in each town. Mrs. Panaligan shared, “we helped one man who did not have a home it was totally destroyed and [he and his family] did not have where to stay.” They also visit hospitals with the youth and the children, they assist with medical needs, give gifts to the children, and they do film showings to draw crowds. They especially do Bible distributions and they pray for people on the streets.

Visiting an elderly woman.

Visiting an elderly woman.

Their mission is clear, but so is the struggle. Since the establishment of their ministry, the team of Kingdom Colonizers struggle to build their own home base where they can gather people for worship and discipleship making. They also walk many miles to reach the people who live up hill. Although, they get tired from walking long hours, it is a “little sacrifice” as Mrs. Panaligan delicately put it, “to reach the people. Otherwise, who is going to do it?” They also don’t mind going hungry from time to time, its all for the purpose of salvation and deliverance.

Feeding the children in a province.

Feeding the children in a province.

The long term vision and purpose of Kingdom Colonizers is to bring revival in the Philippines. These missionaries want to bring deliverance to their people in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Mrs. Panaligan whole heartedly believes they can bring change to the Philippines, but as she stated, “it will only happen if people will acknowledge Jesus as Lord of their lives.”

Kingdom Colonizers are seeking to rent land to raise flowers to use the profit for the feeding program and to construct a gathering building. Renting land can cost about $1,400 U.S. Dollars for three years.

If you believe in the ministry of Kingdom Colonizers and want to help with prayer, donations, or as a missionary (be prepared to walk many miles and to go hungry) you can contact Annabelle Panaligan on Facebook (Annabelle Panaligan) or call her: +639952071053.

They are currently working on constructing a website.

“…go and make disciples of all the nations…”

Matthew 28:19

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