Mind Set on Christ and Victory Over Mental Health

I have made it part of my journey to fight for my mind. Especially being someone who’s lived with PTSD since the age of 5 years old: from vivid demonic dreams, to fighting to decipher if my thoughts are reality or just part of a symptom (but a post on specifications for another day).
This year has been challenging for the obvious reason, but this year I have also experienced the most victorious mental health moments of my life. I want to share that I have been experiencing so much joy in the mist of chaos.
When the pandemic hit I found myself in a hopeful and blissful state of mind that comes from resting in Jesus. All I could think of was, “Oh wow! What an opportunity God, for you to show us your faithfulness and for us to partner up with you in times of need.”
Two months later I was hospitalized with a breathing condition I had been battling for about a year. After days of what felt like endless testing, I finally got a diagnosis: granulomatosis with polyangiitis, an autoimmune system condition that causes inflammation in the blood vessels. For me, it targeted my lungs inflaming the vessels and thus preventing me from breathing.
Through this hospitalization I received soo much love and prayer from people who love me and my doctors and nurses; and sweet sweet encounters with the Lord. I remember thinking and praying, “God, I want to be playful, joyful, graceful, beautiful in and out, and hopeful through this experience. I want to stay connected to myself, to Jesus, and to my community.” I did! It was glorious!
A few months later I was diagnosed with covid and a massive ear infection, the two not related. By this point of course I was angry at the injustice of being so young and constantly fighting for my health, weather its psychological or physical health.
But, again my thoughts were intentionally placed on Jesus and His healing power. I, once more found rest in Him. I began to say and belief, “Jesus you love me. You want good for me because I am your daughter and you are good. You are going to heal me. You love me!” I came out of this with so much expectation of God’s plans for the future.
Just this week I had oral surgery and hopping this will aid the persisting ear situation. I think the worst health issue has been the ear problem because it’s hard to focus and to pay attention. Thus, I need to be more intentional in focusing on what I’m doing, hence my energy drains quicker. My thoughts are, “Jesus, thank you for your healing love. Thank you for your presence. Thank you for this surgery. Thank you for loving me. Thank you Abba! You are so good!” My heart feels confident that God has me secured.
This all sounds crazy, huh?
It is!
But, honestly, none of this has felt as heavy as it could have felt and each time I come out feeling more excited about life, more rejuvenated, more in love with Jesus and myself, and more hopeful for the future. Which is so cool because I am SUCH a wimp about pain and sickness. My default response in the past were massive anger towards God and paralyzing fear, more so than not because of PTSD. But, now I attribute this powerful mind set to learning how to rest in Christ! I attribute the goodness of rest and victory to my mind set on Jesus!
Mind set on Christ is EVERYTHING!
What about you? Where does your mind go to in the mist of chaos? To Jesus? To fear?
Share your thought my love! I want to know!
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