Save Me

As a young teen I liked spending countless hours in my bedroom. Like any teenager, I locked myself in my bedroom with my headphones on my ears listening to music.

I smoked pot while looking up to the ceiling imagining I was staring into the sky. This was my ideal Friday night when I did not want to go out. I wondered, “Is this all there is to life?”

Imagine a young girl’s eyes full of curiosity to know a mighty God…

I sang a song to God. It was my plea for salvation from myself and from the life I knew.

I was high on pot every time, but I sang to a foreign God for salvation. I was drowning, I was lost, and confused….

Photograph by: Manuel Rocha

Photograph by: Manuel Rocha

I sang to God…

Wondering of your existence is my necessity to survive.
I live in great disparity because I do not know you.
I live holding my breath because I do not know you.

Anxiety keeps me alive while my heart dies slowly because I have no faith.
Save me from this loneliness, I was created by your will.

Please do not allow me to die.
Save me from being forgotten, please remember me.

I miss a God that I have never met.

Anxiety keeps me alive.
I have no heart, I have no faith.

Save me from darkness.
Do not let me fall deeper.

I do not know the meaning of love, what is this word?
Come to me before I give my last breath.

I am curious about you,
This curiosity keeps me alive.
You are a God who can Save Me.

Now, I know He was there those lonely nights and He saved me with His Love and Mercy.

I’m not sharing this so that you can continue to get high while you intent to worship God, this song is not about worship, it is a plea for salvation while I drowned in sin.

Call to Christ and He will surely answer you and show you mighty things that you do not know nor understand. Jer. 33:3

Strive to call on Him. He will do the rest. He is a mighty God.

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