Masculinity Can Heal a Woman’s Heart

Today (April 24, 2020), for class I had to counsel a peer (in this class I was the only female all semester long, which I believe was God’s way of bringing healing to my heart concerning masculinity). For those of you who don’t know, counseling classes are usually packed with women, not men. So this was such a GOD thing! 😜 In counseling him, he opened up a section of his heart I don’t believe he does with many. He shared a poem with me that he wrote about an encounter he had with Jesus as an infant. God cuddled him and breathe life to him as he was dying. The story and poem were breath taking. 💗

Observing and experiencing his vulnerable heart healed a part of mine. His tenderness towards Jesus healed a part of me I didn’t know needed healing. 💗

This is powerful! Because as a child I only experienced brutal masculinity, but while being present in this counseling class, GOD used all the men to show me that masculinity is NOT at all brutal. There is love and tenderness in masculinity. There is a longing for connection and for protecting. Masculinity is SOOOOO healing and good when applied with the right purpose and intention! 💗

At the end of class I shared with the men how their presence and hearts for Jesus has been so filling for me. I thanked them for following Jesus and they in returned told me how special and valuable my presence was for them. I was told I make them feel invited and safe to share their hearts with me. I’m a safe space. WOW! What an honor! I never knew I had the capacity to do that with a man. It was such a GOD moment! My heart is full! 💗💗💗

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