I want to know You

Savior, I just want to know you.
I want to fall deep in love with you. I want to be filled by your presence because I need you. Abba, I want to forget about life itself and dwell with you.

Human desires are contradicting to who you are. I find this to be true within me. There are so many things and situations that keep me unstable and unable to love you well.

I often find myself on my knees asking you to destroy all the idols in my heart.

Photograph by: Ana Barajas

Photograph by: Ana Barajas

I want to be faithful. Savior, sometimes I cannot breathe. Sometimes I lose sight of you.

I rush towards you trying to make it into your arms. I wear the white dress you designed for me to wear. The cloths of purity you have ordained for your saints. Show me the way because sometimes I enter dark tunnels that blind me.

Please take me to my first love. Take me to the Heavens and show me how you created the universe. Show me how you parted the waters from the dry land. Hold my hand and show me your creation. I worship you.

Thank you for the old and thank you for the new.

I want to walk with you. I don’t want doctrines that I do not understand, I don’t want vain wisdom since it fail Salomon. I don’t want words that describe a God I do not know. I just want you. I want to dwell with you. I want to know you.

Savior! Savior of my soul! I cannot give you anything, I have Nothing to give you. My very life belongs to you. I cannot save myself.

Abba, I want to walk with you in gardens you designed.

I want to know you, please come hold me.

Please Lord, establish your thrown in the center of my heart.

Remove the names of every idol and all memories of sin. Write your name on the tablet of my heart because you are God and Lord.

I can’t wait to see you and to spend eternity with you. I want to know you.

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