I’m Grateful Part Three: God’s Incomparable Merciful Love

Photograph taken by Ana Barajas, One of the ways God shares His love for me is by planting pink trees by lucid waters. I came across this tree while on a walk after being discharged from the hospital.

While at my stay in the hospital I re-learned that the “Work” was done by Jesus.

All we get to do is rest in His love and presence. That’s our worship; that we love him back, that we trust Him, that we rest in Him because we love and trust His character and His word.

Isn’t that so peaceful and beautiful!

It’s like we are in the middle of the storm relaxing and He is doing all the fighting for us, He does all the warring for us. We don’t do a thing. We just get to rest.

What a powerful God we have that He takes on the load off our backs. What a powerful God we have that He takes on our sin and our disease and our worry.

What a powerful God we have that He takes my face in His hands, kisses me on my forehead, and tells me eye-to-eye (with a huge smile on His face), “Hey kid. Don’t fear. Keep your eyes on Jesus not on the storm. Hey kid. Keep your eyes on Jesus. We (The Trinity) got this! Just play. Come dance with us.” How loving is HE!

The “Song” comes from our trust in Him. Me trusting Him is the song. Isn’t that peaceful!

We don’t deserve it and He still gives us His grace and mercy

Yep!!!! That’s EXACTLY what that is! Grace and Mercy!

We don’t deserve it. We are sinners. We sin everyday with our thoughts and yet that’s how HE responds to us. He meets us with love and compassion in times of need.

HOW AMAZING IS HE!!!! That in the mist of our sin, struggle, or need HE gives us rest!


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