Thank You! To All of My Father Figures, Brother Figures, Professors, and Mentors

Thank you! To all of my father figures, brother figures, professors, and mentors; those of you who over the years created space for me to grown in many different capacities.

This lock down has given me the time and space to reflect on the gift you have been. God placed you in my life to heal pieces of my distorted belief system concerning masculinity and I just want to thank you. I did not spend much time with some of you, but the brief interactions we had were more than enough, God used your character to mend my heart, so thank you. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Thank you for noticing me. Thank you for treating me with respect and kindness. Thank you for taking the time to teach me and correct me as if I were your daughter. Thank you for writing beautiful letters of recommendation on my behalf so that I can have preferred jobs and enter my dream schools. Thank you for being in my corner. Thank you for sitting with me and for making space for me to cry and complain. Thank you for reading God’s story to me. Thank you for apologizing on behalf of other men. Thank you for holding my a heart when I could not. Thank you for giving me words of affirmation. You didn’t know, but you were chopping down trees of pain.

Thank you for treating your wives, daughters, and sisters with love and kindness; you didn’t realize, but I was watching. I watched how you caressed you daughter’s hair when she was undone and how she clung to your harms for more love and security. Then, I knew the love of the father could be tangible.

Thank you for showing with your actions that women matter, that we are loved, treasured and worthy. Thank you for demonstrating that women are worthy of goodness from a man. Thank you for that because you were making a way for me in life.

Most of all Thank you for modeling joy when you teach of Jesus! Thank you for modeling grace and calmness in the mist of the storm. I will never forget your hearts when you where in a storm and you worshiped, and your prayed, and you had faith in the one who can calm any storm. My faith has grown because of you! Thank you!

Thank you for being a piece of Jesus for my heart; even when you didn’t know you were healing my heart, you were being paw paw Jesus for the little girl me.

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