Pain is Preceded by Strength

My body is constantly in pain. If its not my legs, its my arms, or my back, or my pecs. It’s ok though, this pain is completely optional since I’m choosing to train my body by weight lifting. I began weight train a little over 1.5 years ago to give myself the chance to live healthier for as long as I am on earth. I want to be strong, agile, and youthful to be able to focus on my duties and dreams.

Isn’t amazing how strength can only come from stretching and the tearing of the muscle simultaneously as you rest and feed your body exactly what it needs. Since I began this journey I have grown to learn that every body is different and what mine needs is not what yours needs. But, the common elements to building strength are rest, proper nutrition, and pain.

This is true when building emotional and spiritual strength. In order to become more emotionally healthy and spiritually mature we must, we must go through pain!

I felt pain when my body was desecrated by rape. I felt pain when I was taken away from my father. I felt pain when I felt abandoned by my mother, I felt massive amounts of pain when demonic forces taunted me while I tried to crawl out of the pit of darkness; but pain has never paralyzed me, pain has never killed me, pain has only propelled me to become more of who God created me to be.

My heart and my soul are constantly in pain, simultaneously I’m recovering in Christ. Christ is my nourishment and my rest to heal from the stretch and tearing of emotional and spiritual muscle. In Christ I grow in knowledge, wisdom, and insight. All of these things combined have brought me to not fear pain. I have no fear of pain.

God taught me to use pain to build strength instead of fearing it.

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