I Felt Pain

I can’t hardly breathe. It feels like I’m drowning.

I can hear myself gasping for air.

I feel complete desperation for fresh air, the one I’m inhaling feels toxic.

I shift my attention to my chest: I feel a pressure that cannot be released; this pressure appears black and deep in my imagination, as thought it were a whole in my chest.

There’s a choking sensation in my throat. I can’t talk.

My head hurts. I’m thinking a billion thoughts per millisecond. Fear. Mistrust. Sorrow. Melancholy. These thoughts are causing me to cry.

I feel warm tears stream from my eyes to my cheeks; they rest there and become cold.

My face feels swollen and numb.

I realize my entire body also feels numb. It stiffens up from the pressure that comes from within.

My stomach feels stabbing sensations from the inside out.

My palms and feet are sweating and I can’t move.

This feels endless.

It’s torturous.

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