Sweet Memory: A Romantic Tender Rejection

Last summer I told a guy how I felt about him. I was trying to pull a Ruth. Haha.

He confessed he has felt the same towards me for years. He said that he really admired me and thought highly of me. He went on to list all the qualities he loved about me. He also added that he had a lot of issues to work through; he alluded to sexual issues.

He had an expression of sadness and self-disappointment on his face as he confessed, “I do not want to put you through my struggles and my pain. It would not be fair to you.” He strongly suggested that I deserve a godly, scripture reading, prophet man (lol he thinks I have the gift of prophecy) who can honor my journey of abstaining from sex. This honest man said I deserve marriage and he knew he could not give me those things.

He cried.

I cried.

I was upset with him, why couldn’t he work hard towards inner healing so he could love me well?

This question lingered on my mind a couple of months, but after meditating on his truth and bold honestly I finally understood “why” and I came to peace, and thus freedom to explore my inner-self in grace.

I messaged him not too long ago thanking him for being honest and for spearing me pain.

Every time we see each other related to community work he treats me with such patience, tenderness, and reverence.

As I am writing this, I am having an “aha” moment: God used him to show me God is protecting me from unhealthy men and how God has put men in my life that care enough about me to be honest with me about their struggles.

I am mind blow. What sweet memory.

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