Flint Michigan Water Crisis

The Flint MI water crisis is a crisis that is happening many miles away from most of us but the need for support is still immediate.  The basics of the crisis are simple


  • The water system was switched from a healthy one to an unhealthy one in April 2014
  • The unhealthy consumption of water was reported to the appropriate officials
  • Citizens since that time have become sick due to the consumption of the toxic water
  • The Michigan government has reported that a grave error was made in switching the water system
  • The water system was switched back to the healthy system in October 2015
  • The consequences of switching to the unhealthy water system has caused damage in children, adults and the water works infrastructure of the Flint MI area


These are the stories that matter, these are the stories that demand attention from all, these are the stories that can’t be subsituted for entertainment, this is the story that many have thought is not possible in the United States.


Please take some time to briefly educate yourself about this crisis and consider donating to the organizations that are putting forth effort to placate this crisis.




Taken from cnn.com:

Flint Water Response Team has a list of resources available for Flint residents and places where you can donate and sign-up to volunteer.

Flint Water Fund is accepting donations to help purchase water filters and bottled water.

Flint Child Health & Development Fund will “support the delivery of critical public health, medical, and community-based services and interventions” to help children in the city who were exposed to lead in the drinking water, according to its website.

Catholic Charities of Genesee County is accepting water filters, bottled water, and donations.

The American Red Cross has volunteers distributing water testing kits, water filters and bottled water at several locations.

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