Our Relationship: The Wheaton Essay

The Bible, God’s Holy Scripture has changed my life. In specific Psalm Seventy-Seven, continuously shows me my imperfections and reveals to me my creator’s perfect sovereignty. Three things I have observed in this Psalm; first, my human rage against a Holy God. Second, remembering God’s amazing deeds takes me back to a humble worship. Lastly, trembling before a Holy God in repentance, binds me deeper to him in trust.

Photograph by Ana Barajas

Photograph by Ana Barajas

My human rage against a Holy God is reflected back to me in Psalm Seventy-Seven. It begins with the poetic words of Asaph, one of Israel’s rulers. He calls upon his God, his creator, “I will cry out to God and call for help!…In my time of trouble I sought the Lord…I refused to be comforted.” It appears to me that this statement is paradoxical; he sought answers in God, but refused to be comforted by Him. I too, have cried to The Lord with great anguish—hating Him; for He is the hand that approves or rejects all things and this causes a multitude of mixed emotions when I do not obtain what I seek from Him. Asaph confirmed, “I tried to make sense of what was happening,” I too, have intended to make since of my life, knowing that I can find answers in God, but in rage because I did not understand, believe, or trust in Him enough. Asaph asked, “Will the Lord reject me forever? Will He never again show me His favor? Has His loyal love disappeared forever? Has His promise failed forever? Has God forgotten to be merciful? Has His anger stifled His compassion?” It is as if I had written these words, they are the questions I have shouted to my soul, wondering if my designer has long forgotten me or ceased to love me because there has been complete silence.

Remembering God’s amazing deeds take me back to a humble worship. I communicate to my soul what Asaph expressed, “I am sickened by the thought that the sovereign One might become inactive.” His silence is what leads me to know, I cannot operate without His perfect guidance. I refuse to believe my creator looks away from a dying, inexperienced heart. I refuse to believe He does not love me, and most of all, I refuse to believe His promises are paralyzed. Asaph remembered the Lord’s amazing deeds. I too, remember His sovereignty, I remember his mighty power that saved me. I remember His love and how He used others to bless me. I remember how and when He called me to himself. I remember how He opened doors and then closed doors, all because He loves me. I remember all the wonders and miracles He performed in my life. I witnessed it all, and it was all for me. I remember He is not yet done with me, not yet!  In great satisfaction I cry to Heaven the exact words Asaph cried, “O God, your deeds are extraordinary! What god can compare to our great God?” Amen!

I remember who He is and I tremble in repentance! Asaph recorded some of God’s wonders, “[He] walked through the sea, [He] passed through the surging waters, but left no footprints.” My Creator is a powerful and mighty God. He controls the oceans and the winds. The mountains bow to Him and the beasts of the land recognize Him as Master. Who am I not to? My God is the only one that can cause so much terror and so much love within me. Even though I cannot always feel Him nor see Him, nor understand what He is doing in my life, I know that He is with me. He leads me with His invisible, mighty, sovereign hand, as a flock of sheep obey their Master.

Interacting with this piece of literature continuously changes my life, my mind, my human perspective and my mediocre desires. The God of the Holy Scriptures rises in Psalm Seventy-Seven, just as does, my human heart. This Psalm reflects my relationship with Christ; first, it depicts my rage against a Holy God. Second, remembering His amazing deeds take me to a humble worship. Lastly, trembling before Him, who is worthy of fear, binds us deeper. In my darkness and in His light, it is just the two of us.

To Sol

For your Relationship with Jesus.

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