Deconstructing a Child’s Identity

Her little eyes were fixed on the perfected marching ants. She followed them until she lost sight of them. She giggled to herself as she thought out a mischief. The little girl skipped all the way home singing songs out loud.

She’d say things like, “Mommy look, the moon is following me,” or asked questions such as, “Is the sun a ball of fire or is it long spaghetti strings of light going in different directions?”

She though herself a princess, literally. She wore her mothers heels and ruled her world. In her mind. She intrinsically knew God loved her and she felt powerful. This five year old was fierce and truly believed she would become the protector of many one day.

Acrylic Paint and Hand Drawing by Ana Barajas

But the day came when the evil one entered her home and her very soul. The first time she saw him she knew, she knew her life would never be the same. His presence brought with him a lurking black shadow that consumed her.

He dimmed her light so low it disappeared. He deconstructed her identity.

Whenever she’d laugh he’d say, “Shut up! Your laughter is so ugly. No one wants to hear you. Don’t laugh, don’t smile, don’t breathe! Go to your room. You are so ugly! No one wants to see you!”

The first time she recounted the moon following her while riding in a car with him, he frivolously told her, “You are so stupid! The moon is not following you. The moon does not exist for you.”

Eventually the messages he gave her about herself became her identity.

She no longer smiled because she believed her joy was worthless. She no longer asked questions because she feared they’d think she was stupid. She no longer sang, there was no song in her heart. She became afraid of her environment; she feared insects would harm her so she’d step on them before they got a chance to hurt her.

Jesus’ portrait became supplanted by the Virgin Mary’s portrait, a portrait that took up half a wall in the center of her living room. The evil man worshiped her every night after he was done with the little girl’s fragile body. Naturally she began to believe that Christ had no power. God became satanic and His love was converted to hate. Her heart became distant. She dissociated.

The little girl no longer operated in God’s original plan for her; and there was no one in sight to protect her from the evil one.

Evil manipulated her with fear. Endless fear.

Watch Your kids closely and be vigilant who you allow into their lives.

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