Death Cannot Conquer Us Who Are in Christ!

Jesus came to show us our value as human beings! He came to teach us that humans are the most beautiful creation of the entire universe. Ultimately, Jesus came to die to deliver us from our sinful nature. Christ died to make way for us, to access the Holy Spirit and so that we don’t go to hell.

When Jesus died his disciples crumbled. They lost faith and hope, they were afraid to be captured, but on the third day when Jesus rose, when He resurrected, His disciples became strong! Everything Jesus taught them became a reality, it became tangible.


Once Jesus resurrected His disciples learned who they were and defeated fear. Fear was no longer conquering them. Death could not conquer them because they were no longer afraid to die, they would give up their lives for the Kingdom of God.

Satan does not want us to believe in Jesus’ resurrection because it give us hope, authority, strength, and faith. Satan lies telling us that it did not happen, that it is not true.

Jesus rose to prove to the world He is real. Jesus rose to demonstrate to the world that He alone has the power to conquer death! He rose to give us HOPE!

JESUS’ resurrection activated what He injected into us before He died—His Wisdom, His Promises, and His amazing Word!

If we live, let’s live for Christ and for others. If we die, let’s die for Christ and all who are to come! Let’s be men and women of power, let’s be fearless. Let’s dwell in the authority we have in Christ!

Today is the day God made for us to remember who we are! We are resurrected with Christ! We are mighty with Jesus!

We know that Christ, being raised from the dead, will never die again;

death no longer has dominion over him.”

– Romans 6:9

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