The Purpose for Your Life

Jesus had a purpose for what He was born; to come and teach us His ways, so we could have forgiveness from the Father for our sin, and to resurrect so that we could have eternal life. But, Satan tempted Jesus with an offer that seemed grand and glorious.

Satan offered Jesus riches and power if He would worship him. He placed all the kingdoms of the world on silver platter for Jesus to take.

Did Jesus have the characteristics and skills to rule the kingdoms of the world. Of course He did! He was wise, intellectual, and could perform many miracles, He was the Son of God.

Satan knew Jesus would cease to fulfill His purpose to save us if He agreed.

Photograph by: Ana Barajas

Photograph by: Ana Barajas

But, Jesus did not come to earth to rule, NOT YET. Jesus replied to Satan, “Away from me, Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only.’”

Clearly, Jesus knew His purpose on Earth. He also knew Satan’s offering already belonged to Him. However, it was simply not the right time for Jesus to rule the nations. Jesus knew that day would come; on His second coming with His bride, the church, BUT FIRST, He had to conquer to make a way for His church.

Likewise, Satan will offer you different options to live your life. He will present to you grand opportunities in which you can excel your talents and skills. Satan wants to deviate you from God’s purpose for your life. Just because you have the skills and characteristics to be successful in an area, does not mean it is God’s will for your life. In some cases, Satan will offer you something that God already gave you in exchange to worship him. Don’t! Remember, it already belongs to you, it simply isn’t the time.

Jesus knew His purpose and was able to discern Satan’s schemes. Do you know why God placed you on Earth? Can you recognize Satan’s schemes? Do you recognize the times in which you are entitle to claim an inheritance from God?

An inheritance obtained too early in life is not a blessing in the end. Proverbs 20:21

If Satan tempted and tested the King of kings, what makes you think he does not do it with you daily? DAILY!

God has a grand purpose for your life, it may be completely different from your plans, but it is a purpose to further His Kingdom and to give you peace. Ask Jesus what that purpose is.

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