I’m Bruised

My heart is bruised.

My mind decaying.

The silence. It causes chaos.

This darkness. It’s never ending.

I stand on waters in the middle of the sea with surrounding roaring winds.

I fall to my knees, but I do not sink.

I cannot worship.

I cannot scream. I’m choking.

“Where is your God? Oh my soul, Where is your God?”

He sits on His throne with Might and Power.

His eyes of blazing fire, hair like white snow, and burnished bronze feet.

He sits….

What are you doing up there? Can’t you see me?!

Look at me! Don’t ignore me!

It feels like you are tearing my heart apart.

I’m shredding apart.

I have tried.

Why isn’t this enough?

Why I am not enough?

Can’t you hold me?

Pick me up and hold me in your arms?

Strap me in your arms?

I am angry! I am angry!!!

I’m angry! I, I’m suffering down here.

You sit on your throne while I’m consumed by my passions.

I am consumed by my passions!

I’m consumed by fire. This consuming fire’s blocking my air ways.

I cannot breath.

I’m trying, but I don’t see the light.

I’m dying.


Can’t you hear me?!

Lean Your ear to me and hear me, Oh LORD!

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