Lord of My Heart

Lord of my heart give me discernment to know your ways.

I sit still, but the inner currents are overtaking me, they are about the drawn me!

Lord of my heart fill my mind with thoughts of you.

I used to be filled of you.

I used to lay on my bed with peace.

Then I heard his mesmerizing voice and an area in my heart was woken up.

How I despise this!

Save me Lord of my heart!

I have spaces that aren’t filled.

I have spaces that yearn.

Lord of my heart be one with me!

Walk with me.

Talk with me.

Let your presence be my light.

Lord of my heart, King of Heaven you are my highest treasure.

Heart of my own heart, heart of my own heart fill my empty spaces!

This piece was inspired by Hymn #859 Be Thou My Vision

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