I Imagine You

It enters my mind like a sweet gentle breeze; the instrumental music that moves my soul. I close my eyes and listen carefully to the vibrations of the compositions: Song from a Secret Garden, Moon Light Sonata, Love Story and many more.

I imagine you.

You approach me with caution. You seem unsure of my reaction. If you only knew. I have always been here, waiting. You can come. Approach me and dance with me this sweet melody.

If you extend your hand to me in gentleness and sure pursuit of me, I will respond with grace and a smile (the sweet smile you love so much, on my face which you adore, so much).

I see your mysterious eyes, for a brief moment they communicate deep affection and admiration. I admire you too.

Don’t be afraid; be sure that I will respond with kindness. I will take your hand in mine and I will allow you in. I will embrace you. I am inviting you in. Please come to me.

I imagine you holding me in your arms as we dance to the sweet melodies. You hold me the way I like to be held. Your heart enters mine and we become one. O how you shield my heart in yours while we hold one another standing still. We are surrounded by the sweet melodies. I refresh your soul like fresh rain provided by the holiness of God. I am your spring and you are my blaze. So embrace me. Come find me!

Don’t you see I become alive in your presence? Your alluring presence.

I imagine you.

You hold me in your arms while you pray. You pray for me. You pray for you. You pray for us. You ask the Lord to approve us for one another. The more you call to the Lord, the more I want to love you. The more I do. The more I give in. The more I rest in your arms.

I whisper into your ear, “What does the Lord say?”

Time and time again I might imagine this, but unless the Lord approves us for one another, it will never be.

O The Lord, He has the final say. He is just. He will perform in perfect wisdom. Submit yourself to the Lord your God because I have been giving myself to the Him, “Give me happiness, O Lord, for I give myself to you.”

I wait for the Lord to give us His sweet, “Yes.” If He does, He will make the path straight. He will give you wisdom to pursue me.

But for now it is enough to observe you being still. You are still with a voracious heart that consumes me. It is enough to meet eye-to-eye communicating mutual admiration in brief moments of time.

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