A Mother-Daughter Encounter

I sat next to my mom in the kitchen table. Afraid of her response I timidly asked her, “Can I share something with you?”


Perhaps she had been waiting to hear from me about my life since I was thirteen years old when I began to build thick high mountains between her and me. She immediately said, “Yes. Tell me. I’m all ears,” to which I felt a door had opened wide open.


I said, “I was listening to a preaching on sin and two of my sins were revealed to me. I. Need to honor you as my mom. But. I don’t know how to do that. What would that even look like?” I could not believe this actually came out in words. What was happening?


There was a pause. 


As I looked at my finger nails my mom proceeded to say in a calm peaceful voice, “Oh. The Lord is so good. He always reveals to us where we are failing in His perfect timing. I had struggled to honor my own mother. But, the Lord has taught me Respect. To begin honoring parents. First, we must show them respect.”


I looked at her attentively taking each word into my heart. It registered in my mind. Respect. And so I asked her, “How do you show respect to a parent?”


She looked at me with tender eyes and said, “You begin by not saying mean things, even when we disagree or when we are wounded by our parents. You don’t have to do the big thing like take care of them. I think that comes with time. Respect ignites everything else and the Lord takes care of the rest. I had to forgive my mother for painful events in the past. But, now I see God’s faithfulness.”


I knew she wanted to hug me. But, she knew it took a lot just to ask her if I could share something with her. She was contempt to know I had opened the doors of my heart after so many years of pain.


I was thankful she respected that I was not ready to hug her. Thus, I proceeded to say, “The second sin is an idol in my heart.” I was on the second sentence with a very calm spirit when tears rolled out of my eyes onto my checks. I had not cried in front of my mom since—I do not recall since when. I shared the details of this second sin seeking wisdom from my mom and an answer from God through her words.


She said everything I needed to hear and more, but the ultimate words resounded in my soul, “The best thing you can do is trust the Lord with your life. Let the Lord handle it. He will ordain your steps and complete His perfect will at due time. He wants you to trust Him.” To which I cried even more because trusting a thought alone has been so hard for me always, let alone my entire life. But, I know she was right.


My sister entered with a question, and thus I left to do homework knowing God mending our hearts. This conversation set a new direction for a new relationship with my mom.

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