Why Do People Cheat?

People cheat because they have no identity. They do not know who they are, therefore, do not know what they need or want. They do not know their inmost self. They think they know themselves on the surface, but even this knowledge is scarce. Photograph by: Ana Barajas A grand percentage of people seek a person who is attractive, successful, and someone they can have great sex with. But, what happens when that person does not satisfy them emotionally? They cheat. Emotional satisfaction cannot be found in a person. It can only be found in God. We where made in the image of God, which means we are eternal. God […]

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The Life I Did Not Choose

If it were up to me, right now I would be married, desperately in love, but my marriage would probably be a total disaster. I would either be a marginalized wife or a wife whose husband cheats on her. I would be emotionally damaged and spiritually dead. I am soooooo glad I did not get to choose. Instead, I was obedient to the voice of God and rejected those possibilities. Looking back into my life, I see God’s amazing intervention and how the Holy Spirit spoke truth about obedience in my life. When I was a teenage mother, I could have chosen to runaway to Tennessee with the wrong guy […]

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Men: The Glory of God

My heart breaks when I see a man struggle. I have seen men addicted to cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and alcohol. I have seen men depressed and unable to speak worthiness to their soul. I have seem beaten men; physically and spiritually. It breaks my heart. This was not God’s original plan for man. He wanted to embrace manhood, God truly placed man on earth to lord over all things; to have self dominion. He wanted man to rule. Originally, God gave man worth, value, and much much dignity; He designed man in His own image. However…. Man’s dignity has been dragged across the floor by Satan. He has spoken words […]

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